Friar Joshua Sherls

Our Lady of Consolation Province

Friar Joshua Sherls is 30, and comes from Nashville, Tennessee. He was born Honolulu, Hawaii due to his mother being stationed there while in the military. Later in life, he would also serve in the Air Force. Joshua converted to the faith in 2011 while stationed at a British Air Force Base in Lakenheath, England. After his term of service, he discerned with the Benedictines before discovering the Franciscans. Joshua has a talent for music, and he loves movies.  

Friar Alexander Gould

Our Lady of Consolation Province

Friar Alexander Gould, 27, originally from the small town of Marmaduke, Arkansas, but converted to Catholism upon going to College in Southeast Missouri. He first met the Friars at the Newman Center while attending Southeast Missouri State University. He was inspired enough to convert to the faith, and while working as a crisis counsellor, he felt a calling to do something more. Through retreats and talking with the Friars, he began to discern a vocation. After attending a “Come and See” Retreat, he was convinced to join the Conventual Franciscans.

Friar Christopher Fernandez

Our Lady of the Angels Province

Friar Christopher Fernandez is 24, and was born in Alexandria, Virginia. He attended George Mason University where he studied the environment and conservation biology. Christopher credits his time participating in Campus Ministry as leading him to his vocation. His friendships there matured and confirmed his “earthy” spirituality, fostering a spirit of openness to the workings of God. Besides ecology and conservation, among his interests are music/podcasts, outdoorsmanship, history, anthropology, and psychology.

Friar Roberto Macias-Marin

Our Lady of Consolation Province

Friar Roberto Macias-Marin is 22, and was born in Cuidad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, however, he was raised in El Paso, Texas. After high school, he worked for a call center at an electric company. What attracted Roberto to the Conventual way of life was that he felt loved and appreciated; the fraternity that he witnessed made him desire to be part of it. Roberto enjoys soccer and has an affinity for learning new languages.

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