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The Novitiate Program



The program of the novitiate includes moments of both private and communal prayer, in-house and outside classes/workshops/seminars, fraternity, manual work, and other activities in line with the goals of this stage of formation. Thus the program includes:


Communal Prayer

Daily Eucharist, the Liturgy of the Hours, Common Meditation, Common Catholic Devotions, Adoration/Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. The Rosary and the Franciscan Crown also feature during the week.


Private Prayer

Spiritual Reading, Solitude, Days of Recollection, Spiritual Direction, Personal Devotions and Meditation.


In-House Classes

Franciscan History, Franciscan Spirituality, Rule and Constitutions of the Order, Liturgical/Devotional/Contemplative Prayer, History of Consecrated Life, the Gospel Counsels.


Other Activities

Manual Labor, which promotes the growth of the community. Ministry of Presence at an outside Apostolates, such as the healthcare setting, rehabilitation (prison & jail) ministry, local Food Pantry, and Religious Education at local parishes. The Novices also attends workshops and/or seminars on a variety of topics (Scripture, History of Provinces, Mariology, etc.) outside the Novitiate House. Fraternity and recreation and participation in the life of the Diocese and of the whole Order in the US.

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